Runway Operation at Perranporth EGTP
The operational runway at Perranporth is 05/23 this will be utilised if at all possible.

The undershoot of 23 must not be used as in use by other activity pilots should aim to land on or after the numbers.

Exit to 23 is at the end of the runway past the control tower or across the grass as marked by cones, there is no exit right and no exit onto the runway intersection of 27/09

Exit to runway 09 is at the same points as 23 with no left hand hand exit, aircraft can either exit on the grass between the cones is they land or 180 back track to exit as runway 23.

Runway 27 may be available if approved by radio on 119.750 or by prior arrangement, the runway is used for other activity and pilots must satisfy the self that the runway is clear land past the numbers as undershoot is bad ground. You must be able to stop before the opposite end 09 as the permitted track at this end is in constant use by road traffic.

Exit 27 is by turning onto runway 23 and exiting as per 23

Runway 09 is by radio approval only on 119.750 the undershoot is in constant use very close to the numbers and may have HGV vehicles crossing, it will be necessary to stop traffic for you to land on this runway and permission will only be given if staff are available to do so.

If you do not have permission do not land.
Exit is by turning onto runway 23 and using the exit procedure

Runway 19/01 is only available by special request and you will need prior permission and approval to use these runways as traffic and barriers will need to be moved to allow landing, there will be a significant charge for any aircraft wishing to use these runways.

Visitor parking is on the grass opposite the control tower with tie down points on the tyres as marked, the parachute club have the first parking spot and the tyres are marked orange please leave clear.

Based aircraft park left on the taxiway past the hanger avoiding the parachute drop area.

Aircraft arriving for maintenance at BLAS may land for free and may be taxied to the hanger, if BLAS are not available to revive the aircraft they may be parked in the based parking area.

The based parking area is for transitional parking while moving aircraft in and out of the hanger, any aircraft parked overnight on any area of the airfield shall be charged the parking rate of 50% of the landing fee per night

Perranporth Airfield
Visitor Landing Fees - All prices inclusive of VAT

Weight Category Visitor Landing Fees Out of Hours Visitor Landing Fees
*All landing fees must be paid at the cafe on arrival.
**Unpaid fees will be pursued through legal action
***All prices inclusive of VAT
Out of Hours Contact - 07525 909139
0kg to 1500kg £15.00 £22.50
1501kg to 2000kg £25.00 £37.50
2001kg to 2500kg £40.00 £60.00
2501kg to 3000kg £50.00 £75.00
3001kg to 4000kg £70.00 £105.00
4001kg to 5000kg £90.00 £135.00
5001kg or more £120.00 £180.00


Aircraft parking for the day of arrival is included in the landing fee.

Overnight Parking Charges - Half of the Landing Fee per night; Applicable on all areas of the airfield, with the exception of allocated aprons/hangars/parking facilities of airfield based businesses. A premium may be applied to hard stand parking and is subject to availability.

Parking agreements are available at the airfield for operators wishing to base an aircraft. Costs are available on request to the Airfield Management.

Hangarage is limited at Perranporth airfield. Enquiries should be directed to the Airfield Management to express an interest and to request availability and costs.

Runways in Use

Runway 2305
Ranway 2709 by appointment only

Displaced Threshold Runway 05/23

Please be aware that the proposed changes to the runway layout of runways 23 and 05 has now taken place.

The Runway remains the same declared distance but has been moved back to the South West so that there is no longer a displaced threshold nor a starter extension at the 05 end.

So as you enter the runway from the taxiway you are immediately on the runway and the 05 numbers will be right there, originally there was 140 meters of starter extension before the numbers.

At the opposite end 23 the numbers have been moved the same distance towards the South West by the same 140 meters again there is no longer any starter extension and the runway now has a fully displaced threshold.

The displaced threshold of runway 23 is not available for aircraft and will be used by other activities, there is a solid red and white barrier installed just after the junction of runway 01/19.

We shall be informing all pilots when they require PPR of these changes and the flying club to make their members aware that the changes have come into force. Please if you are talking to another pilot who is coming to Perranporth just mention the changes in case they forget to request PPR.

In essence all that has happened is the runway has been moved to the South West by 140 meters but as many of you will have operated with all the extra runway available for many years it is vital that you now treat the numbers as the start and end on the runway in the same way as you would at an airfield with a hedge at the end of the runway like Bodmin.